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07/19/2016TBFD/CHFD/ForestryOua 12130216-124Davidsongrass fire
07/17/2016FD1F,ECFD152 Gum Dr (Hwy 79N)153416-123BurtSmell smoke - (Bare wires in meter box sparking)
07/17/2016BFD,Camden RescueHwy 9 Near Oua 59123716-122BurtRollover with entrapment (state police took report)
07/15/2016CFD *Toned 2 Bayou with NO respon.Hwy 278w Near Country Discount182516-121MartindillGrass fire started by downed powerline.
07/15/2016ChidesterOua 24 @ Oua 23171716-120MartindillGrass fire started by downed powerline and broken pole
07/15/2016CFD *Toned 2 Bayou with NO respon.Hwy 278w Near Country Discount114616-119BurtGrass fire started by downed powerline.
07/14/2016ALLAll over County182016-118WilsonStorm hit all over County
07/13/2016STFD208 Glendale151516-117DavidsonCarbon Monoxide Alarm
07/11/2016STFD 101 Oua 105, Stephens220216-116MartindillRail road ties smoldering
07/11/2016STFD,Forestry1632 Oua 4141716-115BurtGrass Fire
07/10/2016STFD/ForestryOua 111102616-114Davidsongrass fire/10-22 controlled burn @ residence on 111
07/09/2016BFDWalnut102116-113Davidsonrequest standby truck for control house burn
07/08/2016FPFD1550 Oua 67193116-112WilsonPower Line Down /// Grass on fire
07/08/2016BFDOua 89 bounds farm134416-111DavidsonHaybailer caught fire
07/08/2016ELFD102 Oua 565130116-110DavidsonHouse fire out but wanted dept to come out
07/08/2016BFD1359 Oua 95194716-109Martindilllift assist
07/07/2016Two BayouHwy 278 W @ oua 178190816-108Martindill 
07/06/2016UWFD,2BFD,CHFD,ForestryHwy 278 W @ oua 178144716-107BurtTree fell on powerline, set grass and woods on fire
07/05/2016STFDHwy 79 S @ Oua 101232116-106WilsonLog Skidder
07/04/2016ECFD & FDF1East Camden Ball Field134816-105Davidson 
07/04/2016SUFDOua 7090816-104DavidsonBrush/Woods fire-rekindled
07/01/2016SVFD, FPFD,LOUANNOua 70210916-103MartindillWoods fire- SA
07/01/2016CMFD,ELFD,FPFD111 Oua 301 - Victory Lumber143216-102BurtFire in Woodchip Pile
06/30/2016SUFD,FPFDOua 70181716-101WilsonGrass Fire
06/29/2016Fire Dist 1Hwy 79 @ Shady Grove Church190216-100WilsonVehilce Fire
06/25/2016Standard UmsteadOua 70192816-099Wilson 
06/24/2016FD1, Ecfd1106 Bradley Ferry 16-098MartindillStructure & woods
06/21/2016SUFDOua 69144016-097DavidsonSmall contained grass fire
06/18/2016STFD106 Curry Field Rd171416-096MartindillPowerline sparked- Electric comp had already been notified
06/17/2016ELFDhwy 376 S55316-095BurtMVA with Fuel Leak into Creekbed.
06/15/2016FPFD/LUFDOua 67134116-094DavidsonGrass fire
06/10/2016Buena Vista331B Oua 18222616-093WilsonActive Fire Alarm
06/07/2016CHFD,UWFD,TBFD3022 Hwy 24222616-092WilsonVehicle Fire
06/06/2016FD1Hwy 7 N @ Kent142216-091DavidsonMVA rollover
05/30/2016ELFD131 oua 63152316-089BurtGrass fire / Line down (Entergy on scene)
05/27/2016BVFD79S/ Nth of Oua 5212116-088MartindillBrush fire/debris- Note tone & code red are not getting out. Made contact with Debbie Brown 807-1213
05/23/2016FD#1 ECFDArmTec184416-086WilsonArmtec Building
05/22/2016BEFD,BVFDNEXT TO 121 OUA 266145016-085BurtGrass/Woods Fire
05/16/2016FPFD,ELFD,LUFDOUA 67102016-084BURTHouse fire / controlled burn out of control
05/13/2016LUFDHwy 7 S 132216-083Davidsonsmall grass fire
05/08/2016BEARDEN, FD1, EC 272 N OAK 191616-082MartindillSmoke coming from residence
05/07/2016CHFD Oua 517192216-081Martindill 
05/04/2016FPFD1515 Oua 67101716-080DavidsonVehicle Rollover w/ entrapment
05/02/2016BeardenCedar Sq I Apt #25165616-079MartindillArson in apt 25- verify fire out.
04/24/2016Elliott Fire Dept139 Oua 577213316-077MartindillGas Leak- Did not know where leak or how to turn off tank
04/24/2016Elliott Fire Dept116 Oua 501165616-076MartindillAmbulance Assist.
04/23/2016East Camden Fire Dept201 N. Haley91116-075BurtAmbulance Assist.
04/10/2016Bearden510 S Cedar172216-074MartindillRekindle- Woods fire
04/10/2016CFD,TBFDRoseman/Ridgeview142116-073BurtGrass Fire near Houses
04/10/2016Bearden510 S. Cedar114316-072BurtWoods Fire