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10/20/2016STFDHwy 57144516-181DavidsonFed X van roll over w/ entrapment
10/18/2016FD1F285 Oua 45214916-180Martindill 
10/17/2016CHFD2400 Blk of Hwy 24104716-179BurtBack tire on 18 wheeler caught fire
10/16/2016ECFD100 S Hailey175210-178DavidsonAmb. Assist
10/15/2016ELFDHwy 7 S Near 10MM133716-177DavidsonGrass fire
10/11/2016BVFD, STFDOua 5113316-176DavidsonGrass Fire / Burning tires
10/11/2016CHFDChidester SR Citizen Cntr111316-175Davidson1st responders toned
10/09/2016BFDHwy 203 / Hwy 79n143316-174BurtMVA with injury
10/09/2016BVFD3202 hwy 79s152516-173Burtdigging hole hit gas line
10/09/2016BVFD157 Oua 266130016-172BurtBacon grease caught fire - no flames, just house full of smoke
10/09/2016STFDMike Sellers - 661 Oua 137114016-171BurtGrass fire / Oil Field burning
10/07/2016ECFD, FD1F148 S. Mustin Lake Rd150216-170BurtAmb. Assist
10/06/2016ELFDHwy 376/7S Billy Atkins pit130116-169DavidsonControl Burn that got out of line
10/05/2016BFD610 Cedar St183416-168WilsonEMS ASST
10/05/2016STFD219 Cornelius155816-167Davidson 
10/04/2016ELFD,CFD,LUFD,FPFD3325 Hwy 7S (Coke Plant)63016-166BurtStructure Fire (Heater on top of building)
10/03/2016ECFDOua Co Fairground180216-165MartindillPublic Assist
10/03/2016BFDBearden Highschool Bon fire180116-164MartindillPublic Assist @10-20 for 10-23 for bonfire
10/02/2016ECFDHighland Indust/16-AT@K5 on 274184716-163MartindillUnk-Guard assumed it was grass
10/02/2016BFD308 OUA 273170816-162MartindillHay Bale
10/02/2016FPFS376/67154816-161DavidsonSmall Grass Fire
09/30/2016BFD247 Apt B A Street124016-160DavidsonAmbulance Assist
09/28/2016STFDNext to Stephens Market120316-159BurtGrass Fire
09/27/2016FPFD1048 Oua 67195616-158WilsonEMS Assist
09/23/2016BFD,FD1707 Oua 589154116-157PettietResidential fire alarm
09/19/2016BFDOlive/ N. 2nd ST Bearden 190816-156MartindillRekindle
09/18/2016BFDOlive / N. 2nd st - Bearden190816-155WilsonRekindle
09/18/2016ECFD302 E. Busbee161716-154BurtEMS Assist
09/18/2016BFD,ECFD,FD1FOlive / N. 2nd st - Bearden133516-153BurtHouse Fire
09/15/2016TWBF278/24170616-152MartindillLog truck flipped over/ assist rescue
09/13/2016BFD,EDFD,FD1F520 Cypress St Bearden212316-151WilsonTrailor House on Fire
09/11/2016ECFDHwy 274 / Hwy 203211216-150MartindillPole/post on fire
09/11/2016FD1F Oua 233/23244016-149MartindillOverturned vehicle w/ poss. Entrapment
09/07/2016FD1F/ECFD513 Oua 21061716-148DavidsonHouse Fire
09/06/2016BFD 2154 Hwy 203 EMS175816-147MartindillEMS Assist
09/03/2016ECFD10-23 @ Airport for fireworks180016-146Martindill***No tone- requested standby
09/03/2016FPFD1205 Oua 67140716-145DavidsonLawn Mower Fire
08/31/2016FD1F, ECFD566 Oua 210180416-144MartindillAmbulance Assist / just outside of East Camden EMS call
08/31/2016FPFDOua 67 area 133516-143BurtReports of Large woods fire (10-22 - countrolled burn)
08/31/2016LUFD100 Oua 50660716-142BurtSmell something burning but can not locate
08/31/2016ECFD312 E. Busbee St51416-141BurtAmbulance Assist / East Camden EMS call
08/28/2016FPFDBeechsprings Church Camp Oua 68123316-140BurtHorse fell on someone
08/23/2016FD1F179 Oua 437115016-139BurtVehicle ran thru a house / caught fire
08/23/2016ECFDTin Top Diner114616-138BurtSubj passed out / EMS Assist
08/17/2016Chidester, Up White Oak LakeHwy 378- 1/2 mi from Reader172116-137MartindillVacant house fire
08/17/2016CFD,FPFD,ELFD,LUFD111 Oua 301 - Victory Lumber155916-136BurtCommercial Fire - Victory Lumber
08/13/2016Fire Dist 1476 Oua 77234816-135MartindillHouse fire/ woods fire
08/11/2016Two BayouHwy 278W / 376171916-134WilsonLimb on Powerline has fire on ground
08/07/2016ChidesterOua 25 Lester Road11916-133WilsonGrass Fire
08/06/2016Upper White OakWhite Oak State Park Area212816-132WilsonVehicle Fire // Rollover Accident in Nevada Cty