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07/19/2014Buena VistaHwy 79S55114-134FunderburgMVA
07/16/2014two bayou188 ouach 164191314-133 
07/16/2014bv/ Stephens/two bayou/elliott188 ouach 164 14-132 
07/14/2014BV/ StephensOUA 5 @ UMC152914-131Williams 
07/09/2014StephensHwy 79 at Pit Stop195814-130BurtMVA
07/06/2014BeardenSchool St/ 3rd St155914-129FunderburgMVA
06/30/2014Fire District 1203 Oua 408221314-128BriggsAmbulancce Assist
06/30/2014Fire District 1203 Oua 408150614-127FunderburgAmbulancce Assist
06/27/2014Chidester224 Tates Bluff Rd101814-126DareAmbulancce Assist
06/22/2014East Camden 6373 Hussey RD204314-125BurtFire Alarm
06/13/2014Elliott294 Oua387112014-124BurtFire Alarm
06/10/2014Bearden425 S Cedar st32014-123WilsonCar Fire
06/07/2014FrenchportFrenchport Fire Dept192214-122BriggsLanding Zone for Air Evac
06/07/2014StephensN Cannon144114-121FunderburgDown Power lines causing grass fire
06/03/2014East Camden 310 E ingram84714-120csssmoke from behine dishwasher
06/03/2014Bearden/ FD1100 E St Lot 3112314-119FunderburgHouse Fire
05/30/2014Bearden530 Cypress St93114-118DareGas leak/broken gas line
05/28/2014Two Bayou, Camden Fire3385 Hwy 278 West192814-117Briggsstorage building fire
05/26/2014Buena VistaBehind 2440 Old Wire Rd142814-116Darewoods fire
05/26/2014Elliot Grass fire141214-115DareGrass Fire
05/26/2014Bearden111 North 3rd st.135514-114DareNatural Death
05/22/2014Chidester woods fire181814-113 wilsonwoods fire
05/22/2014Fire District 1, East CamdenGrass fire163414-112wilsonGrass Fire
05/22/2014Bearden525 South Cedar162614-111wilsonrekindle at 525 south cedar
05/22/2014Bearden, FD1, East Camden525 South Cedar72014-110DareHouse Fire
05/19/2014Stephens, Buena Vista, ElliottHwy 79 South in Stephens 14-109CookHouse Fire
05/18/2014Bearden164 Oua 257155614-108DareEMS Assist
05/11/2014Chidester532 Oua 25145214-106FunderburgMedical Assist
05/10/2014Bearden628 Ouachita 91203814-105Briggsre-ignition of house fire from 5/7
05/07/2014ChidesterHwy 24144214-104Cookmva
05/07/2014Bearden 628 Oua 9160014-103CookHouse Fire Flared back up
05/07/2014Two Bayou/chidester2886 Hwy 24 Vacinity53514-102Cooksmall Grass Fire
05/06/2014Chidester/ Upper White OakTurner Grocery160614-101WilliamsForrest Fire
05/06/2014Two Bayou2877 hwy 24131914-100Williamswoods fire
05/06/2014Bearden, FD1, East Camden628 OUA 9175514-099Williams 
05/05/2014Elliot/ Louann1123 OUA 51163214-098Funderburggrass fire
05/01/2014Chidester329 Oua 15143314-097WilliamsCar Fire
04/28/2014Two Bayou/ Camden FDHwy 24160014-096DareWoods Fire
04/28/2014Stephens1418 Oua 2112314-095DareGas smell
04/26/2014STD UMP/ F PORT/louannOUA 68 JD Conway residence152714-094Williams 
04/23/20142 Bayou/chidester/buena Vista2250 Hwy 278 W154914-093WestWoods Fire
04/19/2014Fire Dist 1Hwy 7 N94514-092DareMVA
04/16/2014Bearden FDBearden Lumber Co.204914-091EvansLog on fire at the Log loader
04/13/2014StephensHwy 57 North181614-090Briggs 
04/12/2014Stephens and Buena Vista120 S. 2nd Stephens152714-089Briggs 
04/12/2014Stephens / Two Bayou2995 Hwy 57152714-088WilliamsGrass Fire
04/10/2014Fire Dist #1 & BeardenSmead Rd142814-087CookWoods Fire
04/09/2014BV / Elliott / Stephens / Bethesda300 Oua 18162714-086DareStructure Fire
04/07/2014Louann2949 Oua. 67 / Ambulance Asst.230514-085Evans"Lift Assist" for Camden Ambulance
04/05/2014Buena VistaOua 573 and Oua 18141114-084DareGrass Fire