Displaying last 50 of 1936

04/08/2015Fire Dist #1Hwy 7 North200015-048WilsonControl burn out of hand
04/06/2015Elliott/Louann112 Oua 515192215-047Davidsonvehicle fire
04/06/2015FD1Hwy 7 N @ RR Trussell145615-046Williams 
04/05/2015East Camden218a Elm Lane110515-045BurtKitchen stove fire
04/03/2015BethesdaOua 47195815-044Wilson 
04/02/2015Stephens256 Oua 116203515-043DavidsonATV incident/fire
04/01/2015Elliott116 Oua 50202415-042DavidsonTree fire
03/31/2015Bearden / Fire Dist 1 / East Camden210 North 4th St Bearden152215-041B1House Fire
03/30/2015Bearden168 Oua 257145515-040Ambulance Assist
03/27/2015Chidester/Two BayouOua 27 and Hwy 278173415-039DavidsonWoods Fire
03/26/2015Stephens311 Onyx133815-038BurtAmbulance Assist
03/25/2015Bearden555 Anthony Dr230115.037WilsonLog Truck on fire
03/25/2015Elliot314 Oua 154150815-036BurtGrass fire
03/23/2015Elliot130 Oua 387153015-035Williamsunknown
03/19/2015FD1 / ECFD116 Hwy 278 BUS E110515-034WilliamsRig on fire
03/12/2015Fire Dist 1203 oua 408161615-033BurtLift assist for ems
03/12/2015Stephens311 Tidwell St - Stephens90415-032BurtResidental Fire Alarm from alarm company
02/26/2015East CamdenIngram & Galavant175215-031WilsonGas Leak
02/22/2015Buena Vista FD3566 Hwy 79 S144315-030BurtMVA
02/22/2015Elliott4241 Hwy 376 S143715-029BurtElectrical short in house / homeowner couldn't locate
02/16/2015Elliott696 oua 5493915-028Burt 
02/14/2015bethesda214 oua 152153215-027Williams,H 
02/15/2015Bearden79 near Homer Jones2915-026DavidsonWoods Fire
02/14/2015FD1Oua 210124015-025Williams,H 
02/13/2015FD1, ECFDOua 198, by 20 grand club95215-023Williams,H 
02/13/2015Std Ump, FrenchportOua 67, @ Country Club50715-024Williams,H 
02/11/2015Fire Dist 1 and BeardenOua 427160515-022Burt / WilsonGrass Fire
02/06/2015Chidester FD525 Oua 25153415-021Burt 
01/31/2015ELLIOTT,LOUANN, FP133 OUA 565222515-020Davidson 
01/31/2015FD1 Oua 91151615-019Williams 
01/30/2015elliot two bayou buena vista3048 Hwy 79s124815-018Williams 
01/28/2015elliot louann bethesda3585 Mt Holly Rd145915-017WilliamsWoods Fire
01/26/2015BeardenGrass Fire160615-015BurtGrass fire on hwy 79 sb lane
01/25/2015East CamdenRunning Report104915-014Wilson 
01/24/2015Chidester 196 Oua 169152715-013BurtGrass fire spreading to woods
01/24/2015Chidester 108 Bradley St.105115-012Burtmale subj not responding - 1st responders toned
01/21/2015Two Bayou3104 Roseman Rd163915-011Davidson(not logged)
01/20/2015BeardenSouth 1st Beardem133315-010WilsonTruck with flammable liquids on side
01/19/2015Fire District 1Hwy 79 North210015-009WilsonMVA
01/16/2015Fire District 1Hwy 7 N, Amy155715-008Williams 
01/15/2015Fire Dist. 1 & East CamdenHwy 278 infront of Hwy Dept60815-007Burt 
01/14/2015East Camden510 East Busbee173815-006WilsonFirst Responder male subject on floor not breathing
01/11/2015Buena Vista, Elliott and Stephensnext door to 295 Oua 5104915-005BurtHouse Fire
01/10/2015Chidester Parkway (Nevada Co.)132015-004BurtFirst Responder needed for male fell from bucket truck
01/09/2015Fire Dist 1Pecan Street213615-003WilsonTree on Fire
01/09/2015Buena VistaHwy 79S113415-002DareGrass Fire
01/08/2015FD1/EC/Bearden109 Pecan140115-001Williamshouse fire
12/27/2014Fire District 13508 Bearden Loop Rd132714-186DareGeneral Fire Alarm
12/16/2014Chidester/UWO/Two bayou724 Ouach 76214314-185ej 
12/05/2014Elliott/Louann/Frenchport/Standard Upstead3305 oua 67174314-184HAW2nd story loft fire alarm