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11/24/2017CHFDOUA 75134917-234ValdezGrass Fire
11/23/2017FPFDOUA 65 - on the pipeline194417-233JohnsonGas Leak
11/23/2017FD1FHWY 7N - from Amy - NE Side of tracks on S-Curve173017-232JohnsonGrass Fire
11/23/2017ELFDAcross from Slaughters Dairy155517-231BurtGrass Fire
11/20/2017BFD30 E. Anthony Dr.182317-230JohnsonGas Leak
11/21/2017BFD11261 Calhoun 68190717-229WilsonHouse Fire
11/21/2017BVFD513 Oua 18175817-228WilsonHouse Fire
11/20/2017BFD 17-227 
11/19/2017BFD5179 HWY 79N - Homer Jones Shop170317-226Burt/JohnsonWoods Fire - Rekindled
11/19/2017BFD5447 Hwy 79n121817-225BurtWoods Fire
11/18/2017BFDHwy 79 - N. Side - Dollar General220717-224JohnsonWoods Fire
11/18/2017LUFD,ELFD4936 Hwy 376s140917-223BurtWoods Fire
11/18/2017STFD FrogShack Rd (Neveda County Mut. Aid)130917-222BurtMutual Aide for Neveda County -
11/15/2017FD1F - ECFDBradley Ferry Rd. - East Side of HWY 7960017-221GossettFire
11/14/2017STFD,BVFD,BEFD187 E Hillside121817-220BurtStructure Fire
11/12/2017Elliott142 Oua 52310417-219WilsonLift Assist for EMS
11/11/2017BFD141 Oua 276 Mike Welch170917-218WilsonRekindle
11/11/2017 17-217 
11/08/2017ECFD136 E. Busbee150917-216BurtEMS Assist
11/08/2017CHF,WOFD162 OUA 31010017-215GossettFire
11/07/2017BFD, FD1F, ECFDUnknown105117-214UnknownFire Alarm
11/05/2017FD1F108A Oua 423115017-213BurtLift Assist for EMS
11/04/2017LUFDHwy 7S @ County Line60617-212BurtSpray rd off from MVA
11/03/2017BFD701 Bowman Rd Cedar Square Apts161617-211BurtCar Fire
11/03/2017ECFD108 S. Haley St.153617-210BurtTree fell on house
10/31/2017FD1F/BFD4005 HWY 79N203217-209JohnsonCarbon Monoxide Alarm
10/31/2017ECFD/FD1HWY 79 - Past Woodard Lake Bridge191117-208JohnsonCar Fire
10/31/2017CHFD314 S. Benton St122117-206BurtEMS Assist
10/30/2017ELFD,LUFD,FPFDAcross From 174 Oua 6465117-205BurtChicken Houses On fire
10/26/2017BVFD/STFDHwy 79S - BV and Ogemaw - N. of OUA 534017-204JohnsonWoodfire
10/24/2017Bethesda389 Oua 6161117-203GossettFire
10/24/2017BVFD / CPD393 Hwy 376132017-202 
10/23/2017BFDHwy 7/203 17-201JohnsonMVA
10/22/2017CFD/FD1FHwy 7n / Hook Lake95517-200BurtMVA with Entraptment
10/22/2017ECFD310 Ingram st85617-199BurtTree down across roadway
10/21/2017STFDOUA 1 124917-198BurtWoods Fire
10/18/2017BFD1305 Oua 83115217-197GossettGrass Fire
10/17/2017LUFDHwy 7S / Hwy 376115017-196BurtMVA Rollover with Entraptment
10/13/2017SFD1801 N 1ST STREET133817-195GossettGrass Fire
10/11/2017BFDCedar St164817-194KelleyMissing Person
10/09/2017ECFD101 S. Womble61117-193GossettEMS Assist.
10/08/2017LUFD 106 N. Main St - Louann164817-192BurtEMS Assist.
10/08/2017ECFD101 S. Womble133217-191BurtEMS Assist.
10/03/2017BfdE Jordan120417-190MartindillSmall Tree on fire
10/02/2017LUFD,ELFD,FPFDRailroad Ave - Louann154717-189BurtTrash pile on fire, thought it was house
10/01/2017BVFDOua 105 RR Crossing172417-188WilsonCross Tie
09/23/2017BFD4 REKINDLEMillville -- near oua 247164617-187JohnsonWoodfire
09/23/2017BFD1 REKINDLEMillville -- near oua 247122217-186GossettWoodfire
09/22/2017BFDMillville -- near oua 247191817-185JohnsonWoodfire
09/22/2017FD1F Hwy 79N E Camden145817-184GossettGrass Fire